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I Remember

Today's dream was a two parter.  t had orignally started about two days ago but hadn't been more than small bits, it got elongated tonight.

I can't remeber why I was there but I was undergound at this wharf village of such, with water all around and wood, all constructed like docks and ships linked together as a townand I wasn't big there but I had some kind of authrotative powers.

I remember the first part involved just me killing a kid and everyone being cool with it (Thewholeplace was kind of a ghetto scence so maybe death wasn't uncommon.  But that whole event was like in the movies where everyone's panicking and I just lose and the kid got in the way.  I remembergetting a necklace the kid had been wearing and not really caring how the kid had been dead and shit.

The only other part I rememeber is being asked to decode this room aka Final Fantasy 10 style.  There was a small glowing circle  above some book s in an alcove, something above this pillar in the center of the room and a connection between Kong Pong, Harry Potter and 2 other names.

Tonight's part had me where the father was of the child I had killed, somehow he wasn't mad at e or something.  I was like a guard who had the authroity to kill so he just accepted it (I'm not sure).  But when I walked across the top level of thier small room, the ghost of the kid appeared behind me aalong with a few more.  I can't remember what happened next, but I ended up crying, digging through a bag I had to give the necklace back to the father and saying I'm sorry or something. 

The ghost vanished and the father forgave me, we talked about...something concerning religion; had I read some book, I said yes and that it was amazing how similar it was (when you thought about it) to Christianity.  Then he was helping me with the clues, some parchment that had a riddlebut I never read it when a sandstorm kicked up in the room where the riddle was and the room renter of the room we were in said if soon he would have to kick us out into that for something about someone looking for me. 

I immediately walked into the sandstom and saw something different, but I can't remember what.  I heard the father yelling to ask him, the N-something.  I looked up and saw a well muscled thing with a long smooth tail and humanoid face, nothing but a loincloth deal, I think he was like a detective or something.  I called out to him and he dropped down next to me, I asked him if he would help me for 50 gold (I had gold with m from something) but he said no.  I asked him for whatand he just looked me up and down and said, "My hat" and I said he could get that at the market next door.  The he said my jeans and I remembered I had a pair that was messed up, so I agreed and raced through this new section behind the rented room of the father where there were hundreds of small cheap motel-styledrooms with a tv and bed and carpeted floor.  As I ran back, I heard a TV say that the dude was from Satoga (Might have been Saratoga but I doubt it) and that I could probably win ina fight and I thought maybe I could just keep the jeans and beat the answers out of him.

But instead I went back and asked him what he really wanted from me...and then I woke up.

remembered I had a pair that was messed up, so I agreed and raced through this new section behind the rented room of the father where there were hundreds of small cheap motel-styledrooms with a tv and bed and carpeted floor.  As I ran back, I heard a TV say that the dude was from Satoga (Might have been Saratoga but I doubt it) and that I could probably win ina fight and I thought maybe I could just keep the jeans and beat the answers out of him.

But instead I went back and asked him what he really wanted from me...and then I woke up.

Hogwarts Ambush

 This one was pretty sweet.  I'm at frikkinHogwarts hearing a lecture on the Ps2 and a bunch of other electronic stuff dealing with like ummm, subliminal messaging and side-effects of the electronics when we all suddenely left to go play pokemon, the new one.  I don't why, it had something to do with the lecture, sumblinimal something, but I didn't hear it, I was walking around these wooden pillars dotting the classroom.  
We head to the back of the room and start picking out random packs and teaming up, I go with my friend Louis and the table we sat at had another friend of mine who I playd DnD with and a chinese girl sleeping.  I didn't think much of it at the time  (class is boring after all) but she resembled Cho somewhat but I think she was this asian chick from Asian Culture Club at my school.

Anyway, right here light got inmy eyes and I missed the next part.  I'm walking down this hallway with everyone to go to these portkeys to go somewhere to get something of ours and then come back and then come back.  One of them is fro girls and one is for boys(I remeber even one girl getting out of our line because she suddenely realized this) so I figure it's the dormitories.  But when we go through I end up on this sea of money where water once was (In my head, it's formulating the theory that since they don;t want the kids drowning going to their dormotires they replaced the water with fake gold floor as decoration but the vents, half covered, can still be seen.  Anyway, I land on this gold and the only ohter person I see near me is Harry Potter and I pick up these two pairs of glasses and hand one to him because they look like hiswhich he takes and says the other pair is Allsion or Alice's i'm unsure.  

At this point everyone else has gone back through and so as i turn the corner back towards the spot I landed, it's full of water and octupus like tentacles are comin' out of the water along the wall.  I head back the way I came down this narrow wall path along the water outside to this sunny area near a river but halfway through, tentacles shoot out at me.  I have no wand and I remeber none of those fancy Reducto's ad whatnot so I just shout what I think is gibberish and point my hands at them and they just turned to these rad orbs and fly towards these three small symbols floating in the upperright of my view.  A gloden, glowing shell like a snail, a red moon covered on the top and bottom with shadow and hald a grassy mountain covered in vines.  The reb orbs head to the moon, I turn to face the other tentacles climbing the wall and just shout as loud as i can what I think I said, "Endolieuben Nocturna" or something and they all turn to red orbs and fly to the moon.

I tried doing it for every single bit in the entire under roomwith the water but I couldn't turn all them into the little orb things.  Running outsideI saw a girl tying to activate this portkey, hitting it again and again, a teacher came from the left and fiddling with it found this gem thing had been unscrewed (Hey, like I know what the hell it really was, portkey, something else).   Anyway, she's working on that I hear screams from across the outside walkway so I says to keep working on that I'll keep'em safe.  It actually turned to one oof those John Woo tough cop scences with me shouting twice more against their wishes to stay there and fix it.  

I run across the walkway and see a bunch of giant snails..."attacking" these, what musta been first years or something, (Snails? there a danger there?) and I point my hands and just start jabbering away this werid-ass indian song sounding words turning all the snails to little golden orbs they fly to the snail shaped symbol.  It felt like I was gaining energy to do something else.

After that hagrid came out from the right with a bunch more first years and goes to congratulate me but I walk past him, pat him on the shoulder and grabbing a metal pipe start bashing these Snail-shapd constructions the snails had come out of.

That was basically it, when i had finished bashing I vaguely heard Hagird saying something about the smashing in a joking way then light from the sun woke me up.

Cliche Number one

It is a big cliche to have people leaving earth to head to another planet when Earth is in a big decay to have the entire mass leaving one way or the other.  Some peole hate earth, some like it and I don't mean in some religious way either just like of the planet. 


Dreams Once More

 It all started with me and my friends doing som mock hotsage ina a school thing for laughs which left me stranded outside in a public square of what I think was Boston near some kid.  Talking to him I found out he was waiting for his dad to get out of jail.  His dad appeared at some point and explained to his kid that he had gone to jail for stealing something expensive (possibly a diamond) but not before selling it and somehow making the money legal so his wife and the kid were fincially secure.

The kid wanted to see his old school and went to see a play there they hated and so wandered the halls where they happened upon the play entrance and was thrust into the play where the kid (a girl) perfomed ballet after her dad introduced her.  Leaving with a bunch of kids, all the kids crowded around a window to see something but we stayed behind and then to rather bi men came from nowhere and started pushing on the kids, squezzing them into the corner as if they planned to push them out the window.  Here the father and I attacked them and then a soldier appeared behind us and stabbed her father in the leg.  I attacked him with a dagger and killing him, stole both his dagger and a sword.  Trying to tie the sword to my pocket, the father kepp yelling about more soldiers coming and how to just leave him, unable to walk, behind.  Finally I got it and pulled a small horse figurine from my pockets that quickly expanded to  real horse underneath him allowing us to all flayaway out of the building (it had wings and stuff)  where I outreached my hand and the horse turned back into a small figurine.  We hid behind this large building to try and hide from whoever but we could see flashlights coming towards us.  I had some weird lighbulb contraption but I never used it.  

We decided to fly away to safety so they followed me as I looked for a safe place fly off from, nearby though was this giant cannon, rotating beside this derelict, broken mine and building.  A bunch of rocks suddenely opened like a door and i jumped forward and hid on the left side of the cannon.  A dude in black armor came out and said they had a new item to offer, he slapped this dude on the ground with this red, pointy gloves.  He saw me and slapped me too, the rest of the dream is blurry or fragmented.

Dreams That Scare

It began with me in this awesome skatboardin' contest (even though I can't even ollie yet) including my friend Rell of a Free-running team where we would hit a down-sloping run involving ram after ramp with a slightly cuved nwall at the end.  Right after the contest, I walk off the course to these steps overhanging water, a pool and a glass sauna room built onto a ship (yeah, everything that just happened was on a ship).  I sit on the top steps watching Tona Alba swim with sharks in the overhanging water while the other dude from DogTown (The one with the hat and was punk) sits next to me. I tell him, "So, what, you plan to make these guys think their good so you can beat them later?" referring to the skate contest.  He just smiles at me and looks away and i say, "Yeah, don't worry about me, I couldn't care less.  'sides, I'm only here for two days"

I for get what he said but I then said, "Yeah, by the way, even the small sharks are dangerous" before I pushed him into the water near Alba (It was a small shark, like a Nurse shark that just hovvered there). and then went into the Glass Sauna room.  The shit begins.

It happened fast, I was talking in the sauna room to two girls when I said "It be cool to see a townado formed in slow-motion" and then clouds formed right above the glass and the funnel shot through the middkle of the saunaroom.  I yelled, "This is bad! This is bad!" before I blaked out.

I felt something over my face and feared it was a shark or something but then felt it pass over me and heard crashing water.  I shot my eyes open and saw a dark beach litterd with debris and people.  It was then I relaized my camera and laptop were gone, my liveliehood.  My sister took my hand to pick me out of the water before I ran back in looking for it.  Somehow I got up the shore and beach to my mom who took me through these streets all covered with leaves and grass like it was a giant carpet.  We went to the Adminastrativ builiding (where I had had a flashback of this black serious dude was mayor of the island...I forget when) but wnet past it to the right to a building labeled Telepathic nd then my mom was gone and inside was these two girls showing me my stuff.  My backpack was there, dry and full with me camera and laptop (and probably diapers, thinking back) and then stuff I'd never owned.  At that point I knew it was an illusion and said no to me and walked outside.

I woke up on a bed in some tike hut wearing arope necklace and a diaper and three or four people there.  I got off the bed and asked the nearest person, "Is the ship totally destroyed?" and they said yes.  Walking outside I say a collection of cameras and immediately searched through them hopefully for mine.  I then noitced just as I thought of my laptop I found it haning off the rope neckl;ace I was wearing and started crying and thanking my mom for doing that (Who at this point I presumed dead for  some reason) and took a nearby car (whose steering sucked) to the beach before.  When I got there, I found one that I though was mine, looking through I saw none of my pictures, but pictures of me.  It was a camera of one of my friends.  At that point, hundreds of people ran onto the shore looking at the sky pointing at clouds all connected and colored yellow-ornage and black with blue sparks shooting inside of it.  It rolled like in a game, rolled across the sky and actually began dropping and forming into a lump on the ground in the middle of some nearby tall bluildings off the shore, out about a mile.  Just when i thought iy looked like an atom bomb went off, it exploded just like an atomic bomb, bending all the buildings back and casuing one tower to break in half and splash into the water.  It send a wave roughly a foot higher than me at us and with the water rushing past me I woke myself up. 


Tonight was like three sream streamed into one;  It began with me and say thirteen other -people doing this huge sniper duel where no one really died (paintballs I guess). I teamed up with two other people, this chinese girl and another dude and found this elevator but he didn't get in, I hit florr 3 but it was waaay too high.  (turns out this giant glass and white wall building despite being 200 hundred stories only HAS 3 floors.  I trid to push down but it instead moved forward on this giant wide track that looked like a big electric train track suspended over builings like a monorail.  From here on was a dream that I had before.  It went nder this one part of a track really close that even though I was sliding just on te trackm(Like a big ass slid) I almost didn't fit.  Then it turned left and she flew off from the speed and right after so did I but were caught by this weird static shield thing and returned to our bodies (Mine was puking).

After this we went back to this home for the "Admiral", blue suit, medals that whole thing.  I lose the girl here (she just fades away, guess no longer needed or whatnot) but right then the couch, whose's colors are all different colored stripes, turns into a something alive.  All the stripes turned into short tentacles.  I moved away and turned my attention to a bnch of cookies the admiral had gotten from admirers.  After awhile, he went to bed and I tried to turn some lights on but they were waaay to bright and I was afraid I'd wake the Admiral so I turned them off.  There was still light though and when i turned around from that, the couch was quickly moving away from I think the radiator or some luggage that had turned gray with bigger tentacles and was lookin' very angry.  I remebered waht someone had told me about defeating it (From the last dream went it was too late then) and grabbed...something with a big key and jabbed it right into the front of the gray thing and turned it.  The gray vanished and it turned brown and inanimate.  I turned to the striped couch and said,"There I saved you, you owe me.  You can't attack me now" and then it fades to black.

Not so black and I'm outside the Admiral's room where there's blood everywhere and no him and Wall.  Wall is the wall directly adjacent to the Admiral's bedroom.  He's very skittish and last time I scared him silent trying to force what he say that night out of him.  At the end of the last dream I had attempted to play my clairnent (Which i know how to play in reallife and do have one) to calm him because someone said instruments work but I didn't remebere how to play it well enough to work.

This time I tried once,failed miserably, waaay too much spit, couldn't even play.  Then I remeberd that Mulan song, Reflection an that I had the music sheet for it.  Played that and he calmed down perfectly, even made the constable and his men cry abit.  Then the villain ARXBrighton, I only know his name caused wall to turn into a man (hell I know how) and used his skittish nature to control him and attack me.  We stopped him finally be holding him down and know his free of Brighton's control.  Then the dream ended cause my mom thought 11 o' clock was a good time to vacuum.

Time Machine

New Deam:  It started with this small girl in a giant mansion, all alone with no idea why she was there looking for her mother.  I arrive via time machine and promise to help find her mother.  I bring her back to the Hub, where all time flows from and where all time will eventually return.  Their are two scientists here, the time machine makers.

I remember another excerpt of us goingthrough time where she talks to her mother, she talks of how she used to talk to a mirror and cry thinking of her mother and they talk of other things.

I remember one point meeting a black historian in a libaray trying to prove her existence by pointing out some godzilla 2000 toy (I don't know why) and opening a history book to show it.  We bring a family back with us by accident as well.

At the very end it was terrible, the timeline was overstressed, soon it would collpase.  We had to reset it all, ALL.  What Marie did, everywhere we had gone, all of t dissapeared, including me.  I "learned" at th end (It unraveled like some movie) that I myself had been nothing more than a serf before I had learned of the time machine.  I don't know how.  I was crying alot how unfair it was that I had to lose a life I loved so much more than being a slave.  She would lose all of her memory as would I.  Both of us along with the two scientists and the family would forget any of this or us would happen. I remember saying distinctly, "It's not fair! Without any of you I don't exist".  She was calmer about it, she said she knew eventually she would see her.  She asked me plainly what would happen to her mother as time stood and I replied she would come home to an empty mansion, dark and covered with cobwebs,  She would'nt cry or weep, she merely stood in the middle of the street all night catching pnemuonia before being hit by a cariage the next morning.

I shout we could change that but she just shakes her head.  I'm still crying and I keep repeating I'm so sorry while reaching for this switch behind me, seems I madea reset switch at the very beginning.  My last words are, "Please forgive me" before I push it and a great wite light engulfs us.

I've seen several endings, the machine appears with the scientists and bring me back, I am knocked dead by some knight on a horse, I don't know how it ends.

Arabian Hogwarts

A real dozer today:  I was in this odd religious "camp" for...I think muslims but it wasn't some stupid christian camp with songs and stuff norwas it violent and dumb like we make it out to be.  

It was all inside sorrunded by everyday buildings covered with ropes and vegetation, weird stuff, near Hicksville.  Inside was this big room like a court with one big rise along the back wallwhere the teacher sat and the hallway was covered in carpet, connecting hundreds of odd rooms, each different from the last.

There was a small boy there who looked kinda chinese and was named Andy.  I got mad at him once because I broke something outside the classroom and when I told him to be quiet he shouted I had done this as soon as the classroom door opened.  I whispered I would kill him in anger but thinking back later I talked to another classmate and agreed with me when I said that Andy was just unaturally honest.  Andy seems not to be completelt human or like someone who's been at the school is whole life. Sorry Andy.

At another point we were playing some sort of stragey game involing two people at a time who could only move to a square on the ground with both feet and needed to get  to a square.  a game before hand involved a bunch of stel ball spitting tres in some sort of survival test I think.

We ended when I was outside and the moment I entered the teacher had stopped talking, so everyone laughed at me missing what he said, as everyone was packing up nd leaving I talked to the same kid I had before about some ingredient in a jar he was putting away called fly leaf or sly leaf.  I asked does it blow up and he laughed and I then said I wished I could know this stuff and this place.  He said  something like how only few knew or that only gradutees know, something.  I gave him a hug ( i think) goodbye and as I was hugging him said "If I could just learn about this place, how it was made, I'd be fine never seeing it again"

Getting to my car, I found a book as the car pulled away but I don't know what it said.  It took me sevral minutes to see that the car was being driven by no one yet still going the right way.  I grabbed the wheel then my grandmother appeared from nowhere in the drivers seta and we neared my home and the dream ended.

I dub it Arabian Hogwarts for now.


Tonight's dream was something else: It was in somewhere British, where alot of Trains where,  into the future (bit of modrnism but nothing really) however almost all of the metal in te world had been used up and this was causing a giant economical shift change kinda like The Day After Tomorrow but the shift change cuase the introduction of the next human species...Godzilla.

Don't ask, I don't know.  The point was that his apperance had caused a diasease to spread from his body that was chanigning the human population.  Soon we wouldn't be able to eat food we would actually want to eat metal (which was alnost gone) thus ending the human extinction.

Now there was one really big Godzilla that was somehow being controlled by a mouse

Npw the ending in story form...'cause:  We where all sitting on this little train bridge thing, the part right after the trains stop inside the giant building.  There was Louis, me, my brother, and the Potter Twins (Yeah, looked kinda like him) and my friend Naim from work.  The Twins were telling us all this and ended with, "In fact right now I bet you already have some spot of metal memorized in your head" he asked everybody including me and I said "A train" which caused him to smile and the others to laugh.  (Before this point in sporadic conversation I had been saying train as an answer alot but i can't remember the coversations)

I responded by saying I just saw Trains as a safe place, (That engine car, how are zombies getting? huh?) and the Twins smiled and pointed behind,we saw a Train heading right at us.  RIGHT AT US.  I leaned forward and it drove right through where my friend Naim had been behind me. Everybody shouted in exclamation and I saw another one coming on another track aimed right at me and the Twins.

I tried to pull myself forward but I felt lethargic and very tired and couldn't move more than an inch or two.  I looked straight forward and hoped it was enough.  It shot straight through where I was and my view went straight behind me to see where my body had been and kept going to the otherside  of the raintracks to a platform where I suddenely realized that my view hadn't moved, my body had.

I moved my eyes right to see me hugging Naim and saw the Twins on the other said of the tracks on another platform smiling.  I dropped to the, laughing like a hippie (Surfing fish in Spongebob) while they said, "Perhaps there is something we should tell you".

Right after that, I felt my mind waking me up and I couldn't hold onto the dream any longer.

Also at one point we had a whole bunch of thse little things meant to fight Godzilla but I don't think it worked too well, that part was just vague.

War, Ohhh.

Just a short one today that involves me in a foxhole like in Band of Brothers constantly reawakening up inside of it to have this dude obscured in shadow standing over me.  First time I shot him in the knee, the second I stared at him till he shot me and the third I went back to sleep 'cause I was honestly tired of being woken up by him.  The fourth time I tackled him and he was some random german dude so I dragged him to field command and he tired to stab me with my own knife but I stopped him and left him with this other person.